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Tiana Freeman

In 2016 I graduated from Globe University with her Associate’s degree in Exercise Science. Shortly after this I completed my Personal Training Certificate. I love learning and did not stop there, early in 2018 I graduated from Alaska Career College as class valedictorian in Massage Therapy licensure. During Massage Therapy school I learned of a shoulder injury that would hinder my upcoming career and that’s where Barefoot Massage came into the picture! I attended my first Barefoot Massage class in January of 2019 and the rest is history. Since then I have completed over 80 hours of strictly Barefoot training along with multiple continuing education classes focused on stretching, trigger points and cupping.

I view the body as a whole; loving to decipher the root cause of pain and discomfort in not only the main area of concern but also the surrounding muscle groups. In my sessions I love to incorporate either Flaxseed hot packs or various cupping techniques to work effectively through layers of tissue issues.

Moving here in 2017 while my husband was actively serving in the Army, I consider myself an “import” Alaskan as I have quickly learned to love all this state has to offer. My husband and I, along with their two dogs, love going out fishing, camping, off-roading, and even exploring the various restaurants and breweries Alaska has to offer.

Tiana Barefoot Massage

During your barefoot Massage with Tiana all of her massages are done completely with her feet.  She works slowly to help maintain pressure holds on trigger points and / or adhered tissue, as well as delivering deep myofascial techniques to provide a deeply therapeutic barefoot massage. Tiana specializes in Barefoot Massage exclusively,  she massages both the back and the front of the body with her feet, she also uses advanced techniques with both feet on clients who have appropriate body size and healthy bones.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes