A myofacial Deep Tissue Technique applied with the soles of the feet.


During Barefoot Massage we use our feet rather than our hands. With approximately 100,00-200,000 nerve endings in our feet to palpate, they’re specially trained in helping find your tight, painful areas. Although pressure can be adjusted, this is great for the deep tissue massage lover, such as athletes or people of larger stature. While not new to the massage industry, Apprentice Barefoot Massage Therapists are certified in the fundamentals of barefoot massage and have the core knowledge of unique specialty.


Specialist Barefoot Massage Therapists work slower to help maintain pressure holds on trigger points and / or adhered tissue, as well as delivering deep myofascial strokes to provide a deeply therapeutic barefoot massage. In these sessions our therapists go a step above a typical massage and practice on both the back & front of the body as well as having knowledge in side lying positioning.


Expert Barefoot Massage Therapists use both 1 and 2 feet to apply the deepest pressure as well as range of motion/stretching (doing yoga TO you) & upon request side-lying work getting to muscles that just can’t be reached lying on your stomach/back. With these more advanced techniques your participation is sometimes required and not always a typical relaxation massage. This level of massage is for but not limited to the athlete who wants to fix a nagging problem, stay on track for their training regiment and recover faster OR clients with stubborn chronic pain and injury. 

60 min. $100

90 min. $130

    2 Hours  $170 

60 min. $105

90 min. $135

  2 Hours  $175

60 min. $110

90 min. $140

  2 Hours  $180

Couples Barefoot Massage

 Exclusively at Tri Barefoot Massage
Anchorages FIRST side by side couples barefoot massage
60 Minutes, 90 Minute & 2 Hour Sessions. 

If you are interested in scheduling a side by side Couples Barefoot Massage please send us an email to [email protected]

please include dates and times in your email requesting an apppointment 

Base Rates

  60 Min – $210

90 Min – $270
2hr – $350

Price vary based on therapist available for massage

Medical Massage

If you’re interested in Medical Massage through your health insurance benefits
please send us an email including your insurance card and date of birth
or give us a call, we do not employ a receptionist, leave a voicemail
for the quickest response, medical massage can not be scheduled online.


Session done in loose comfortable clothing on a floor mat. The therapist uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to move clients into a series of yoga-like stretches and also applies deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure.  Stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques relieve tension and enhance flexibility and range of motion.

Base Rates

60 Min – $100

90 Min – $130
2hr – $170


Session done in loose comfortable clothing. The Therapist moves the client through passive range of motion stretches.

60 Minutes



Cupping is an excellent modality for treating chronic muscle aches and pains. The therapist will place various types and sizes of cups onto the skin, creating a vacuum like seal over specific acupressure points and muscle groupings. By creating suction in the tissue, the lymphatic system is engaged and blood flow is increased and restored to a natural flow. Moving the cups toward the lymph glands aids in breaking up adhesions deep within the tissue and allowing the lymphatic system, which eliminates stagnant cellular waste.

60 Minutes


Hot Ashi

Session done in loose comfortable clothing. Hot Flex Seed Pillows are compressed into different areas of the body.

60 Minutes




Cupping Therapy
Add cupping to any Massage
Essential Oils
Add our combination of 7 Young Living Aroma Therapy Oils to any Massage
Hot Ashi
Warm Flax Seed Pillow Compression During Massage Session
Infrared Sauna Session
Choose between 15 or 30 minutes of infrared sauna relaxation before or after your massage treatment
Weighted Blanket Nap
15 minutes of relaxation on the massage table after your massage treatment with a weighted blanket.
CBD Ointment
Professional Strength, Therapeutic quality, THC Free CBD ointment is applied to the body thought out the massage


About Tri Barefoot Massage

When you trust us with your care, our massage is focused on you.  We strive to help our clients reach their goals.  Helping clients with many of life’s discomforts, whether it be chronic pain, muscle recovery, sports injury, head ache & migraines, or stress.  We want to support our clients in their journey by being a pivotal part of their wellness and self-care routine.

Tri Barefoot Massage is the perfect balance of therapeutic and relaxation massage. We strive to make your experience not only a therapeutic deep tissue experience but also a stress relieving, relaxing experience as well.

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